USA Today

“Like Criminal, This Is Love is a careful combination of interviews, music and Judge’s narration that makes for a seamless and satisfying listening experience. But the new show has a different tone: It’s warmer.”

Entertainment Tonight

"An intriguing must-listen."

New York Magazine

“Fans should expect the team to apply the same expansive, thoughtful, and near-anthropological approach to the lighter subject of love.”

Refinery 29

This Is Love is the warm, story-based podcast to listen to when the news is too much to bear.”

The Guardian

“Beautifully paced, with memorable details”

AV Club

“As can be expected, Judge’s approach and her interest in atypical stories reveals an anthropological depth.”

Financial Times

"Despite a seam of sadness, the tone here is thoughtful and tender." 

The Stranger

"Criminal is air-tight, well-mixed, and a delight to both listen to and think about later. And now, Judge and Spohrer have a Valentine's gift for us all: a new podcast, this one about love."


“Phoebe Judge, Lauren Spohrer and the team behind Criminal’s new podcast, This is Love, created something so simple and beautiful with a subject that’s been covered to death in podcasting. And I honestly don’t know how they put a fresh spin on the topic.”

Gulf News

Criminal-obsessives, take heart.”

Death, Sex & Money

“The team behind Criminal has a new show, where they're turning their investigative powers on our emotions.”